Korebalance Testing

Korebalance® Testing is used by the professionals at Therapeutic Sessions to evaluate the balance and stability of patients. It is an efficient way to address injuries to the lower limb, especially to the knee and ankle, which can occur as a result of poor balance. Without proper balance training, patients but especially athletes, can easily get injured if they slip and fall while changing direction or landing, and injuries can easily lead to re-injuries. Korebalance® Testing is a method of testing which focuses on objective neuro-sensory balance assessment in addition to neuro-cognitive testing tools. The device, the Korebalance® machine, is designed to be used by medical centers and clinics, medical and Physical Therapy offices, assisted living facilities, recreation centers, health and fitness clubs, universities and professional sport teams around the country and around the world.

The heart of Korebalance® Testing includes a computerized system that simplifies balance screening, assessment and training by directing workouts and issuing a score to measure results that staff can simply communicate to patients. The patient’s balance assessment and training progress are well documented and can be printed for review. As a system, it provides accurate quantitative balance assessment for the patients receiving neuro-sensory rehabilitation. Our staff can customize the rehabilitation protocols according to the needs of the patient.

This kind of testing provides many benefits for patients, including athletes. It challenges patients by training the body to perform exercises in an unstable, yet safe environment. It is a technologically-advanced tool that includes scores to monitor patient progress and interactive 3-D games to augment their training. During testing, patients can undergo static balance and multiple dynamic tests, with training of the right foot, left foot, or both feet. For patients experiencing orthopedic and neurological disorders or participants in balance programs, Korebalance® Testing is ideal for fall prevention.

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