Patient Testimonials

  • I was stiff, balance was off, fears of re-injuring myself while trying to do an exercise program, sleep was very interrupted at night. Since starting physical therapy, I have a deeper much more restful sleep, I feel strength in my body and balance.

    K. Shelton

  • I was having really bad neck and shoulder pain, keeping me from sleeping and affecting my activities. Since starting physical therapy, I’m feeling a little better. I can move my neck and shoulder a little more and do exercise at home.

    B. Williams

  • My hands were very weak and not responding that well. Since starting physical therapy, my hands are a lot stronger. All the sessions are helping me a lot in getting better. The team here is awesome!

    A. Wortham

  • I could not walk without pain, or stand up straight, or sit without excruciating pain. Could not turn over in bed, had pain getting out of bed or any other normal activity. Most of the time, I stayed in bed. Could not take care of normal household duties or run my errands as usual.

    Since I started physical therapy, I am able to walk, dance, take care of my household, drive myself to the doctor, and run my errands. Although I do not have the excruciating pain as I did before, I am reminded at times that something bad has occurred because I do feel something. But not as it was before. I feel very good at the time. I am more flexible and will continue to do the stretching once I am done with PT. Also other areas which I have had pain have decreased.

    M. Thomas

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